6 ways to be healthy and happy


Happiness and health are inextricably linked. Maintaining both of these states at the level is not so difficult. 6 ways to be healthy and happy. The ticking of the clock, hot showers, low-fat cottage cheese, and other things that are best left out in order to be healthy and happy.

Save your morning coffee for later

6 ways to be healthy and happy 1

No, we do not recommend giving up coffee, especially if you love it with all your soul and body. You can talk about the benefits and dangers of this drink for hours, but now not about that. We only suggest postponing your morning meditation session with a cup of coffee for a while.

According to scientists, within an hour after waking up, our body produces the hormone “stress” – cortisol. It helps the body to invigorate and finally wake up. Morning coffee can interfere with this process. The fact is that caffeine blocks the production of cortisol and prevents the body from waking up naturally.

Take a cold shower

6 ways to be healthy and happy 1

A minute of cold morning shower will charge you with vivacity and energy, give new sensations and prepare the body for a long day. The main thing is to choose the right temperature. The scalding cold is just as bad for the skin as hot water is too hot – they both damage the cells of the epidermis and can cause dry skin and irritation. But if you find such a temperature that, although unusual, is pleasant to the body, you can forget about morning sleepiness and bad mood.

Do not overuse diet foods

6 ways to be healthy and happy

Flakes, granola, low-fat cottage cheese, diet sweets – all this is just a deception of your own body. Yes, they have fewer calories than regular foods, but, unfortunately, there is no more benefit. We have already said that fat-free foods are sometimes even more harmful.

However, the biggest problem with this type of diet is the expectations that many of us have when choosing “non-nutritive” foods. It seems to us that we have already done something big and important on the way to the right lifestyle and can afford to relax in something else. I will eat low-fat cottage cheese in the evening and will not go to fitness. Familiar situation? Meanwhile, such a dietary diet cannot replace either sports or a balanced and thoughtful diet. Diet foods are only an alternative, not a nutritional guide.

Sleep in silence

6 ways to be healthy and happy

The ticking of a clock may seem soothing, but this is only at first glance. In fact, a monotonous and rhythmic sound may well cause constant insomnia and lack of sleep. Try to keep in the bedroom as few things as possible that irritate the nervous system: a ticking or glowing clock, TV or fan noise, and so on.

Stretch out in the morning and evening

6 ways to be healthy and happy

Stretching in the morning will wake up your muscles, pump blood through your body, and give you some strength for big things. In the evening, stretching will act in the opposite direction – it will relieve tension, remove the clamps that have accumulated during the day, calm the body and prepare it for sleep.

Sit up straight

6 ways to be healthy and happy

According to research from the University of San Francisco, upright posture increases the flow of oxygen to the brain by 40%, which significantly increases productivity and improves well-being. This is especially important to remember if your work is associated with a constant stay in the office, where you have to sit for 8 hours in a row.

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