How to get bedbugs out of the apartment and get rid of them yourself?


How to remove bedbugs in an apartment or house on your own is a rather difficult task. The fact is that at the slightest mistakes in the process of getting rid of, they quickly recover and multiply.

What means to get bedbugs out of the apartment if they quickly get used to poisons and any chemistry directed against them? There is no universal remedy for this scourge, but you can carry out complex work and get rid of insects by trial and error. It depends on how infested the room is with these insects. Today there are many chemicals that can help you get out bedbugs yourself.

Before dealing with the destruction of bedbugs in an apartment, you must carefully process it. Before processing, seal all foodstuffs, as well as the utensils that you use, so that the drug does not enter the body of households.

Also, children and animals should be taken out of the room so that they do not get chemicals. As for children, it is necessary to isolate their toys as well as their personal belongings, since children often pull their things into their mouths, and this contact must be avoided. When sealing things, make sure there are no bugs or larvae (eggs) on them.

Protect yourself first: buy rubber gloves and a face shield. Self-destruction of bedbugs is not always financially beneficial, because in the desire to save money, you can spend even more, due to ignorance of effective means. In addition, destroying bedbugs with your own hands is quite dangerous, because you have to breathe the fumes of chemicals.

Removing bedbugs in an apartment: chemicals

It is worth switching to chemical agents if the destruction of insects by folk methods turned out to be ineffective:

Liquid remedies for bedbugsAerosol spray for bedbugsBed bug powdersOther means
Insect Dibro-finCarbozolEkoKillerChlorpyrimark
ForesightPersof-PEffective ultra

Liquid remedies for bedbugs

All liquid remedies for bedbugs are good because they can handle even hard-to-reach places. The method of application for each drug from the list is the same: the liquid is spilled in the habitats of bloodsuckers. Lacterin has a nerve effect. Foresight is practically non-toxic to humans, but it effectively kills both adult insects and their eggs. Insect Dibro-fin and Foxid also show excellent results.

Bed bug sprays

Sprays from bugs like Raptor, Reid, Karbozol, Persof-P are suitable for processing upholstered furniture, carpets and any soft surfaces. They are notable for the fact that they do not leave traces. You already know how to use them, but how effective are these tools? As practice shows, sprays are excellent at fighting bloodsuckers, but only if the latter are slightly divorced. If there are a large number of bedbugs in the apartment, it is recommended to use more radical methods.

Bed bug powders

In powders (Riapan, Neopin) the price is attractive. They are cheaper than other types of funds. Powders are scattered in places where parasites crawl. Subsequently, they fall on the paws of bloodsuckers, and then into the gastrointestinal tract, poisoning the insect. The effectiveness is the same as that of sprays.

Folk remedies

If, before starting the fight against bedbugs with the help of chemicals, you decided to try  folk remedies for bedbugs , then you will need:

  • Boiling water;
  • Turpentine;
  • Kerosene;
  • Transformer oil;
  • Sagebrush.

How to remove domestic bugs using the above folk remedies? Let’s figure it out in order. It should be clear how to use boiling water: you are looking for the habitat of bloodsuckers and water them with scalding water. Every insect you touch will die. The effectiveness of this remedy is high, but the disadvantage is that you cannot physically destroy every parasite

If we talk about kerosene, turpentine, transformer oil and vinegar, then all these agents scare off bedbugs. The first even affects their respiratory tract, but only if used in large quantities. All of them will help get rid of pests for a while, but over time they will return.

As for tansy and wormwood, it is necessary to pick the bushes of these plants and dry them. After they are laid out in the habitats of bloodsuckers and next to the bed. Both plants give off a pungent odor that is unbearable for parasites. Again, the remedies scare away bed bugs, but do not kill them. Moreover, if the pests are hungry, they will be able to overcome their own dislike and will certainly bite you.

On the advice of friends, he poured vinegar in places where bedbugs were found. The wife could not stand the smell, and if she was in the room for a long time, her head began to hurt. The tool has shown a fairly good, but too short-lived effect. After a while, the parasites returned.

Folk recipes for the destruction of bedbugs

  • 10 ml of turpentine + 30 g of green soap solution, 100 ml of water + 15 ml of kerosene;
  • 100 ml of kerosene + 20 g of naphthalene + 100 ml of turpentine;
  • 20 g phenol + 40 ml turpentine + 3 g salicylic acid;
  • 100 ml of ethyl alcohol + 100 ml of turpentine + 5 g of camphor;
  • 150 ml denatured + 5 g naphthalene.

One of the most effective classic remedies is wormwood – you need to lay it out behind the baseboard, wherever possible. Insects do not tolerate this smell and leave the room as quickly as possible, regardless of whether it is a house or a small apartment. Since bedbug control is a difficult process, let’s talk about other, more effective ways.

How to remove bedbugs: mechanical impact on pests

If there are not too many bloodsuckers in the apartment, you can try to destroy them mechanically, that is, physically. To do this, you need to force the bugs to come out. Make as much noise as possible to wake up the pests. Tap furniture, start moving objects, and so on. After that, you will see how the parasites will leave their habitats. It should be physically clear how to remove bedbugs: you can trample the bloodsuckers with your feet, but it is better to use a vacuum cleaner so that there are no traces left. This method has significant disadvantages:

  • you cannot force every insect to come out;
  • you will probably miss a couple of pests;
  • the eggs of the bugs will remain hidden, and after a while the bloodsuckers will begin to bother you.

How to get bedbugs out of an apartment: exposure to temperatures

It is known that bed bugs do not tolerate exposure to too high or low temperatures. Often, special services resort to heat treatment of the premises, because:

  1. It is absolutely safe and does not involve the use of chemicals.
  2. Thus, you can get rid of not only insects, but also their eggs.

Removal of parasites by low temperatures

Temperatures from -20 degrees Celsius are dangerous for bedbugs. With prolonged exposure, insects begin to die within a few hours. To affect bloodsuckers, you can open all windows in winter weather to let frost into the room. During this time, you can walk anywhere for several hours, and upon returning, the parasites should die.

If insects are on your couch or bed, take the piece of furniture outside in the cold. Leave it there for a few hours and bring it back. Bedbugs and their eggs will certainly die.

After I put my sofa out in the cold, I forgot about bed bugs for a long time. Before that I used various sprays and even wormwood leaves, but this gave a short-term result.

How to remove bedbugs in an apartment – 4 ways to solve the problem

The problem of having a home of bed bugs tormented people from the beginning, so the problem of bedbugs breeding in the apartment even attended our pre-ki . And since the problem has existed for a long time, then there are proven ways to solve it.

  1. Physical destruction of bedbugs;
  2. Thermal destruction;
  3. Getting rid of bedbugs with folk remedies;
  4. Chemical removal of bedbugs in the quark-ti-re .

Consider each way to get rid of bedbugs in a fractional-but in order to understand which one is best suited to your case


Physical destruction on-se-to-Mykh . The easiest and most ancient way to fight parasites is to catch and crush. Even our distant ancestors began to fight insects with simple and effective mechanical crushing. Of course, in this case, it is quite difficult to remove all the bugs, but at least it is possible to restrain the number of insects by constantly exterminating adults.

Currently, people come to the aid of modern methods of physical extermination of insects, such as vacuum cleaners and pa-ro-n-no-ra-the-ry , with which you can suck the smoke and parasites from hiding places and to bi-vat .

Nevertheless, it is quite difficult to get all the bugs out of the apartment in this way, since cleaning must be done very carefully and you must know all the places in the apartment where they can hide. It is important to be careful not to harm the furniture.


Thermal method to derive in-bugs IU . Bedbugs like to heat and hardly carry very low and very high temperatures, so long ago in the villages people have practiced effective way home from freezing clo-dressing . When in winter people opened the windows in a severe frost and let the apartment cool completely or carried furniture out into the street. It was important to give a few hours of frost to kill insects. Nowadays, you can also “burn out” bugs in an apartment using industrial fan heaters that can heat the room up to +50 ° C, which also had a detrimental effect on the well-being of insects.

On the disadvantages of this method is easy to guess – very difficult to freeze the apartment when bedbugs infested summer or spring, especially ESA-te-rin-drill-n , to make all the furniture on the street is also quite difficult. Well, creating an oven with fan heaters in an apartment is also a dubious occupation, at least in terms of electricity costs and the possible damage to things from such overheating.


Traditional media-tion . Our observation ancestors long ago discovered that the insects and in particular bugs do not like the strong and sharp for-pa-chi , who leave behind some of the plants or liquid. It will be difficult to completely drive out bedbugs with smells, since sooner or later they can get used to it, and hunger will take its toll, but here it is more likely that the person himself will start to go crazy with the aromas in the house. Therefore, this grandmother’s method in modern realities raises many doubts about its relevance.


Chemical destruction of bed bugs in the quark-ti-re . The most modern way to control pests, which appeared recently in relation to the above, a chemical baiting on-se-to-Mykh  – this method of removing the bedbugs was the most reliable, fast and ef-Feck-TIV-nym .

100% control of bedbugs in the apartment and the house is only possible with the use of modern pre-pa-ra-ing .

The disinfectants created for removing bedbugs are proven over the years and ultra-modern drugs that do not leave a single chance of survival for parasites, while completely harmless to humans and pets, therefore they are widely used in the fight against insects.

Thus, the chemical method involves removing bugs from the flat during its processing environments des-tion-E , wherein such processing can be performed independently or seek professional help.


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