How to improve eyesight


It is difficult to dispute the fact that vision plays a significant role in the life of every person. How to improve eyesight A huge amount of information from the world around us we receive through vision. According to some reports, the amount of visual information reaches 90%. That is why even small deviations from the norm in vision become a problem for many, because a clear perception of the surrounding reality in the first place is a component of the comfort of life.

Being one of the most complex human organs, the visual system begins to form during intrauterine development, continues to actively “mature” during the infant period, and completes its formation around the end of puberty. And, unfortunately, at any stage, this difficult system can be damaged.

Such a fragile vision

Being so important for a person, the visual apparatus carries an enormous load throughout life and often suffers significantly. The most common problems are the development of myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism.

With myopia, the sharpness of objects located far away is lost, while close objects are visible very clearly. Often it can be false, caused by a spasm of the eye muscles – this often affects primary school students, because their vision begins to carry an unusual load before. Myopia can quickly progress in adolescence and stop only when the body stops active growth, that is, by about 20-25 years. Farsightedness, in which a person sees well into the distance, but defocused close, on the contrary, it is more often a congenital anomaly of vision and requires constant wearing of glasses. The so-called age-related farsightedness, which occurs due to the weakening of the muscles of the eye, is slightly different. It develops gradually and as the problem becomes noticeable by about 40-45 years.

Astigmatism – also a common visual impairment – is due to an irregular shape of the lens or cornea. One way or another, this is characteristic of every person, a problem arises if it significantly reduces the quality of vision. Correct such a defect is only possible with glasses with special lenses.

Is visual impairment a regularity or inevitability?

It is generally accepted that vision problems are inherent in us at the genetic level. If your parents and grandparents wore glasses for one reason or another, then your vision difficulties will not pass by. Indeed, there is a certain amount of truth in this, but do not forget about how much the living conditions around us have changed over the past 50 years. The sharp increase in the number of gadgets in our life over the past decades brings not only an improvement in the quality and comfort of life, but also a huge burden for the human body. First of all, it is of course about vision.

A negative effect on vision begins at the most tender age – at the moment when it is not yet fully formed. The children’s early habit of watching TV, as well as constant interaction with tablets and phones, leads to bad consequences. The situation is aggravated at school due to the increasing new loads on the visual apparatus and the need for constant eye strain when reading and writing. In adulthood, daily work at the computer, a sedentary lifestyle and age-related features are added here.

All this gradually leads to the fact that even with good vision from birth, with age, its quality is steadily deteriorating, which creates problems in everyday life. Naturally, a person who has noticed this unpleasant tendency begins to wonder how to improve vision and what methods of prevention can help.

How to restore visual acuity at home

How to restore visual acuity at home

Not all vision problems respond to home treatment. With serious difficulties – a big minus or plus in diopters, astigmatism, cataracts – you can’t do without medical intervention.

But if you notice that your vision began to fall, do not give up – there are many ways to stop the deterioration and restore sharpness, which means to improve vision at home. One of the most effective options is eye gymnastics. A technique proven by many generations of people helps to relax the muscles of the eye, remove cramps and restore clarity of perception. The monotonous work of the eye, for example, when working with a computer, leads to the fact that the mucous membrane of the eye dries up, and the muscles are in constant tension. In such a situation, help the eyes should be provided as often as possible: it is recommended to do special exercises several times during the day, such as:

  • frequent blinking;
  • rotation of the eyeballs up and down, left and right, eights, etc.
  • circular eye massage through closed eyelids (with light pressure);
  • shifting visual focus from close to far.

It is especially important to do regular gymnastics for the eyes of those who already wear glasses on an ongoing basis. Over time, the lateral eye muscles atrophy, since they almost cease to be used – it is easier for a person to turn his head than to mow his eyes. A specially designed set of exercises will help keep the eye muscles in good shape and prevent deterioration. Of course, the result will be noticeable only with regular exercises of this type, but the best option would be to choose an integrated approach that combines exercises and alternative ways of maintaining vision.

Additional Ways to Maintain Vision

Nature made sure that a person had the opportunity to receive the necessary vitamins and minerals through nutrition – from vegetables and fruits. Which of them are most useful for helping eyesight?

The leader of this list is the favourite carrot of many. This root crop contains a huge amount of carotene – provitamin A, which helps improve twilight vision, which is so important for humans. In addition to this, along with carrots, you will receive B, E, K, C vitamins and valuable minerals – potassium, copper, iron and iodine. It is better to use it in its raw form – carrot juice with cream, a salad of fresh cabbage with carrots and sunflower oil will be a good option. So you save the maximum amount of nutrients.

Additional Ways to Maintain Vision

Another popular natural doctor who restores poor eyesight is blueberries. It is rich in a whole complex of vitamins – C, A, B1 and B2, contains pectins and manganese. Its regular use improves retinal circulation, relieves fatigue, and prevents spasm of the optic nerve.

Varied greens are no less useful for the health of the body as a whole and for your look in particular. The high content of lutein, which affects visual acuity and preservation, especially in old age, in Romano green salad, green peas, sorrel, broccoli, spinach and cabbage.

Vitamin C, found in all citrus fruits and herbs, helps the retina maintain proper capillary permeability. Freshly squeezed juices immediately after spinning retain the highest concentration of vitamins. If you like unusual combinations – try a salad with Romano leaves, tuna and grapefruit slices.

Saturated omega-3 fatty acids – we get them from fish – also help to improve vision, helping to strengthen the muscles of the eye.

Vision Aids

It is possible to list products that are useful for vision for a very long time – these are berries (raspberries, strawberries), beets, avocados, eggs, pumpkin, tomatoes, exotic mangoes, passion fruit and papaya and many others. Many of them are available only in season, and some cost substantial money all year round. And most importantly – the amount of nutrients needed for health is almost impossible to get with food. Therefore, it is best to enlist the support of vitamin complexes and be sure that you get the necessary substances in the required amount daily, regardless of the time of year.

The daily norm of beta-carotene and lutein for an adult is about 5 mg. And we cannot be sure that we get it in sufficient quantities with food. In this case, specially designed vitamin supplements will come to your aid. Pay attention to the Nutrilite Blueberry Plus Lutein dietary supplement complex – it almost completely covers the daily requirement of lutein, vitamin E and Omega-3 for eye health and is always available to you. And Nutrilite Amway Natural Multicarotin contains 85% of the daily intake of this vitamin and will be an excellent help for your body.

Your clear eyes are in your hands

Whatever method you use to cure your vision, remember that preventing a problem is easier than solving it. But in order to recover, you have to work hard – start following the recommendations of specialists and make every effort to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

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