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News debates or entertainment news

A show which is supposed to share opinions. but in India, it is a complete circus and entertainment news. We will talk about news panelists in this article.

People who earn money by abusing and getting abused on national television. This is the best job in the country. Along with money, you get a national platform to make idiotic statements *GD Bakshi shouting* in republic tv live.

There are many anchors who host debates cum shouting competitions on TV. These debates are very entertaining. Usually, it is extremely hard to find logical arguments in these news debates. In fact, panelists are so intelligent that Alia Bhatt sounds like a genius in comparision.

Payal Rohatgi- RSS is Rashtriya Swyamsevak Samvidhan Anchors and panelists continuously argue with each other in these debates. From border security issues to PM’s chest size, every topic is worthy of a shouting competition in these debates.

Sometimes Twitter trolls are invited as panelists in these debates. Every news channel has its own unique style of hosting debate shows For e.g. Panelists in News 18 debates are called in more for abusing rather than to give their opinions. So they must have some bad words in their vocabulary.

Zee News panelists entertainment news

Zee News panelists never dare to speak against the Government. We will welcome Rafale in style. News 24 debates must…leave it. No one watches them. Panellists in aaj tak and ABP debates must be verbose on religious issues. Muslims: Owners or tenants?

Republic TV live like entertainment news

Republic panelists must have the skills of shouting non-stop for over an hour. Often their actions speak louder than words, because they are hardly allowed to speak anything. Republic panelists can give tough competitions to Roadies contestants in shouting competition. If anyone from Republic is watching this, I have one question for you.. Why do you call this “NEWS” ?

Republic TV debate is so overpopulated that there are sometimes even 22 panelists on one TV screen. It includes one Devdas, one Abhishek Upmanyu, one Charlie Chaplin, Arnab and a doppelganger of Arnab. They don’t debate on unemployment because most of them are unemployed themselves.

Hindi channel of Republic TV is more interesting. Now you know why it is more interesting. Some of these panelists are regulars on news channels. Same person appears in different news channels with different designations. GD Bakshi has a fixed panel reserved for him in the bottom left corner of every news channel. He is one of the main reasons for the TRPs to be so high ! He is that one angry boomer that every news channel needs for an entertaining show.

Sambit Patra entertainment news

Sambit Patra entertainment news is another permanent member of the panelists community. He is the founder of Panelist Circus association of India. He is the main and most entertaining character of every news debate. If you want to watch Sambit’s epic moments on TV debates, you can check this video out. Whatever be the Topic there is one individual who is an expert of various sectors- According to news channels, K Siddharth is a scientist, environmentalist, educationalist and a geologist. Where did he graduate from? Johnny Sins Management College?

This travel agent becomes a maulana as soon as he enters a TV debate, Because of his irresponsible statements the whole community is rebuked. They are fooling the people. Shoaib Jamai loves getting shouted upon from the anchor in every debate show.

Nishant Verma entertainment news

Nishant Verma entertainment news is another regular in news debates. He is the Hindustani Bhau of news channels. He is always seen debating from inside a car. Ashutosh is a panelist by profession. There was a time when his opinions made it to the front pages of a newspapers.

Now Ashutosh’s opinions are as worthy as the chewing gums in a Pan shop! Government spokespersons come on news debates only to pass their time. But News debates are important for opposition parties’ spokesperson, it is like a MNREGA to them. Their party don’t guarantee them job securtiy anyway, so news debates is their main source of income.

Female panelists are not far behind when it comes to talking trash on TV news. You moron! Shut up you senile old man. Hello Anurag Kashyap? I found someone to play Nagma’s sister in wasseypur 3. She is currently debating on Republic TV. Basically, this is how the ecosystem of TV news works. Every night, same panelists can be found debating and shouting on TV channels.

The purpose of news debates

The purpose of news debates is to discuss an important topic with experts. and to arrive to a conclusion after a knowledgeable discussion. But in our country, news debates are synonymous to shouting abusing and sensationalizing. The truth is public likes to watch this form of news content.

People love to see anchors dressed up and shouting like morons. There are few news channels who think its a good idea to have sensible discussion on news debates. and that is why their low popularity reflects in their TRPs. People want a high decibel show in the name of news debates.

It is a simple case of demand and supply. News panelists are equally responsible for the death of journalism in India. They happily accept a small stipend to get insulted on national television.

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