What is Google AdSense? Let’s understand the basic appointments


Google AdSense to automatically show ads related to your site and make money easily. It is receiving attention from many site operators regardless of individuals or companies.

What is Google AdSense?

Earn advertising revenue from your site

 ” Google AdSense ” is an advertisement distribution service provided by Google that allows you to earn money by posting advertisements on your own website .

 Many must be happy to hear that they can make money from their site. I think that some of the people who read this article are involved in the operation of the site as a Web person in charge of the company, managers and staff of online shops, managers of news sites and community sites. If you can reduce the cost of running the site even a little, it should have a positive effect on the profit of the main business.

 If you’re an individual blog operator, it’s no longer a dream to make a living from the income earned from your blog. Google AdSense is a service that allows any publisher, regardless of company or individual, to use their own site as “advertising media” .


Automatically deliver ads that match the content of the site

 It’s easy to place ads on your site. Just insert the ” advertisement code ” provided by Google AdSense into your site’s HTML source code and it will automatically deliver the appropriate ads for your site. For example, if you insert an ad code on a site that publishes soccer news articles, ads for soccer goods and sports equipment will be displayed automatically. Then, when a visitor clicks on an ad, the advertising reward, or revenue, is generated.

 Recently, a mechanism has been introduced to deliver advertisements that are linked to the interests and interests of visitors . This allows, for example, a person who has previously read a travel journal for Barcelona on some site to visit his site and see ads for cheap flights and hotel bookings that are not related to his site. You may. Google AdSense automatically delivers ads that visitors might be interested in (information you may want to know).

You can concentrate on running your site as usual

 With Google AdSense, your ads will generate revenue just by running your site as usual. You don’t need to have detailed control over what ads are displayed or worry about interacting with advertisers. It ‘s also a big appeal of Google AdSense that you can concentrate on the site operation as usual while earning money .

 Google AdSense can be used by any publisher and there is no charge. However, when using it, the site is reviewed by Google in advance, and compared to general web services, the procedure to start using is more difficult. In the following articles, we will explain the points to note regarding the application for using Google AdSense and the actual application method.

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